Welcome Marisol Kingfisher

Marisol thrives on the flow of yoga. Her practice is colored by the power of the Divine Feminine, her passion for nature’s beauty, and the dance between spirit and soul. Always letting her heart be the guide; Marisol has found a path of true self love and self discovery through practicing yoga.
She received her 200-hr teacher training in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru. One of her deepest joys is connecting with and learning from people of all walks of life through her travels.

Marisol believes yoga is accessible to any body and that the practice is simply about meeting yourself on and off the mat as you are. The wonder of the human body, the feel-good release of breathing, stretching and moving, and the numerous health benefits of yoga are a few motives that bring her to the mat. Marisol continues her practice off the mat by embracing a lifestyle of healing, growth and radical self expression.


Self-Care Practices to Thrive (Amy Cline, RYT)

Mother. Teacher. Wife. Friend. Yoga teacher. Sister.  Daughter. 

These are a few of the hats I wear.  All require my connection to other people, and often, my willingness to hold space for and support others in my life.  I chose many of these roles even before I really understood them. I was, and am, a healer by nature.  Because of this, empathy and compassion have become two of my greatest character traits, which I see as assets.  I love connecting with and getting to know people.  I love finding those hidden gems that can only be found once you move past the emotional guard and barrier that we all inherently possess.  I love seeing the beauty and vulnerability in other people when they allow you in; it is a sacred thing.

Although I love the service aspect of my “hats”, I can also become very drained and disconnected from my own sense of self if I am not conscientious.  When I am not intentionally seeking balance and grounding myself, I can easily become overwhelmed with the needs, stresses, and demands of those around me.  In my seventh year of teaching in a high need public school system, and as a mother of three young humans, I am here to tell you that I can be of little to no good in the service and support of others if I am not properly caring for myself.

I view self-care a bit like regular car maintenance.  Upkeep is required to ensure all parts work as harmoniously and fluidly as possible.  Not many of us have an automatic timer in our brain that sounds when an oil change is due.  We plan ahead, we get stickers to put on our windshields that are right in front of us as we drive everyday.  It is a reminder to schedule an appointment for an oil change, and most importantly, WE SHOW UP.  If we can’t make the first scheduled oil change, we reschedule for the next available time.  What if, for some reason, the entire concept of oil changes being required were a complete unknown, meanwhile 20,000 miles have been accrued?  We have one of two options:  we can say forget oil changes altogether, oh well.  Or, we can move forward with routine maintenance to prevent any further damage that would arise from neglect.  I would recommend that latter not only for your car, but for yourself.

But wait, what if I don’t have time for self-care practices like meditation, yoga, and maintaining a healthy diet?  Well, it is both as simple and as difficult as this: I make the time. 

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth it?  An overwhelming YES!!!

Self-care doesn’t have to be an another thing to beat yourself up over.  It doesn’t have to be huge.  It is something beneficial for just you. Meditation, yoga, journaling, hiking, and resting are all forms of self-care that I regularly utilize.  Some run or do cardio to release endorphins and reduce stress.  Find that something that works for you, and schedule it into your life.  Not many just happen to pass JiffyLube and are reminded an oil change is due that day.  We schedule it.  We make it part of our plan.  We know it is needed regular maintenance, so we do it.

A few years ago, I was in a very stressful situation in my job.  I was blessed, however, with amazing people around me on a regular basis (shout-out to my 109 ladies, love you big, mean it). We would constantly remind each other that one cannot pour from an empty cup.  If you serve others-- and basically we all serve others in some capacity or another-- we owe them the best version of ourselves we can offer.  What is so important to remember, and maybe the most important to remember, is that we deserve to be the best possible version of ourselves.  We deserve to feel the best we can, live the best we can, and be the best we can.  We deserve self-care.

If you would like to learn more about self-care in the form of yoga, meditation, and journaling, you can catch up with me at the Self Care Practices to Thrive workshop on November 4th and 5th at Oshnik Yoga or at a variety of scheduled classes throughout the week.  I hope to see you there!



Amy Cline


Topeka Yoga

Did you know there are a handful of amazing places to practice yoga around Topeka?  When I took the leap to join the local yoga community, I was warmly welcomed by a supportive group of like-minded people!  Among the many positive facets of yoga is the sense of community—it does not hold a competitive edge as so many other crafts do.  An instructor can teach at a number of different studios with out having to worry about things like resentment or disapproval! Crazy, right?  When your objective remains mindful in serving and teaching, you are free to share the practice at a community level with one common goal at heart.  After all, aren’t we looking to make this world a better, more harmonious place? So, thank you! Thank you for opportunity to take part in this wonderful and accepting community!


Holiday Self-Care

Why a lavender-oatmeal bath soak recipe as your first blog? Let me start off my welcoming you to Oshnik Yoga’s website! My name is Crystal, and I want to personally welcome you, your thoughts, and expertise to share with anyone that may stop in to check out the blog/website! I opened Oshnik Yoga in July of this year to provide space for yoga and love. “Osh” is my late grandmother (Kansas Kickapoo) and a huge part of my life, although her physical body has left, so much of her has remained! So thank you for showing your love, and taking a moment to browse the website and blog!  Now back to this bath soak ordeal! With the holidays coming up, and in the spirit of self-care, I wanted to share a wonderful recipe that includes essential oils, and warm water! Enough said! Mothers out there who cannot find 5 minutes to pee alone, okay, who am I kidding, 25.5 seconds to pee alone; you may want to hire a babysitter! Relaxation is a fancy word for releasing the body and mind of tension. Relaxation almost seems like more of a lofty idea, especially in our busy lives! The art of relaxation entails taking some time away from the hustle and bustle to balance all the activity in your life (I know you must be thinking, psssssshhhhhhhhhhhh)  with adequate rest to maintain and sustain a sense of well-being! So I’d like to propose turning off the world for a while, give yourself some mental space to file away all of the day’s activity, and tune into your self for a while! Let me get to the point here! 

Mix 1 cup Epsom salts with 1 cup quick oats and 1/2 cup baking soda (grind oats in a food processor until fine in texture) . Next, throw in 5 drops of frankincense, about 10 drops of tea tree oil, followed by 15 drops of lavender essential oil. Mix all ingredients together well, and store in mason jar of some sort. You can use about 1 cup per bath. 

*I was thumbing through a book of things to do with essential oils, and stumbled across this wonderful recipe. Let me know if you decide to use it, if you add or subtract any other oil blends, and what your thoughts are!  


Thank you & Namaste